Quartier Lointain: Right next door


UTR 4177
release date:
running time:
Michel Wintsch – keyboards
Cyril Moulas – bass & guitar
Béatrice Graf – drums & percussion
Guest: David Granite – vocals
Recorded and edited by Michel Wintsch
Mixed by Michel Wintsch & Christian Guggenbühl
Mastered by Christian Guggenbühl
liner notes:
After three years of recording their improvisations on stage and in the studio, Quartier Lointain release their first album «Right next door» feat. MC David Granite. The selections, as much vocally as instrumentally, take the listener on a musical exploration which does not leave one indifferent. Based on the traditions of progressive rock, the freedom of jazz improvisation and experimental music, they play a style of music where the familiar and the unknown blend together.
Quartier Lointain comprises Michel Wintsch on keyboards, Cyril Moulas on bass, Béatrice Graf on drums and David Granite, the incomparable slammer, who is a regular guest of Quartier Lointain and who invents and concocts his texts in total harmony with the trio.

Musician and composer, Béatrice Graf has been playing for the past 15 years in various festivals around the world: Europe, North America and South Africa (Four Roses, Peter Schärli Special Sextet feat. Glenn Ferris, B. G. Windows feat. Corin Curschellas & Sylvie Courvoisier, Neba Solo). She has released a number of CDs and over the years has developped a unique sound and identity and an ability to improvise under many different situations.
Michel Wintsch has been touring around the world with WHO trio, among others (Gerry Hemingway and Bänz Oester) for the past 10 years. He has released a number of CDs (Fred Frith, Ray Anderson etc.) and is very active on the improvised music scene. As a composer he has worked for the cinema (Alain Tanner), the theatre, the radio, the ballet and on many different musical projects.
At 26 years of age, Cyril Moulas already composes, plays and has recorded for many different projects. He has developped a strong and singular language void of all artificial style barriers, and likes to play as much with respect to the jazz traditions as with a total adherence to styles such as trash or even totally free improvisation. His style is intense, allowing him to easily switch between different genres in the contemporary live music scene, thus giving him access to all the best clubs and international festivals.
Singer, slammer and rapper, David Granite has now specialised in the art of improvisation thanks to his experience in bars and jam sessions. He currently plays with Feedback (Reggae) and Aloan (Trip-Hop). David can adapt to a variety of different styles, allowing him to quickly mark his territory in the Quartier Lointain family.