Reverend Beat-Man & the Underground: It's a matter of time

Shut up! 03:19


REVEREND BEAT-MAN & THE UNDERGROUND is a collaboration work between the PALP Festifal and Reverend Beat-Man, staying one week in Bruson (Valais, western Switzerland) with white wine and raclette and creating music, I then contacted my favourite musicians: Milan Slick an the keys, he and I already have the synth punk duo project Entartete Musik then Beatrice Graf's Incredible Beats from Ester Poly. Skinny Jim Tennessee's Benjamin Glaus is one of Bern's most underrated rockabilly performers, and Athens-based K.Lou took care of our catering and brought us new music from their treasure trove throughout the week. what you hear on this record is a process, a finding of music, among other things, a Doom Blues version of 'Jesus Christ Twist' or the amorous cuddly rock number 'It's a matter of time'. Most of the songs were written in lockdown where me and Benjamin Glaus played acoustic music 'slave to the phone' or 'banned from the internet' are 2 of them.
Our poorly heated rehearsal room was above a...  afficher plus



All Songs written by Beat-Man Zeller © voodoo rhythm records
Recorded by Milan & Benjamin 22-28 November 2021 in Bruson Switzerland on top of a Sheep Farm
Mixing & Mastering by Matteo Bordin at Outside Inside Studios, Montebelluna, Italy

Reverend Beat-Man (vocals, guitar)
Beatrice Graf (drums)
Milan Slick (keys)
Benjamin Glaus (lead guitar)

Beatrice Graf: Ester Polly, chin chin, Peter Schärli Special Sextet
Benjamin Glaus: Skinny jim Tennessee, Ben Curtiss
Reverend Beat-Man: the Monsters, die Zorros, Lighning beat-man, Entartete musik
Milan Slick: Entartete musik

thanks to:
Bernie Wildish, Marie Corminboeuf, Michel May, Cyril Huguet, Sebastien Olesen
Patrick Principe for Fotos, Pumi for the Mixing Desk and Matthew Hutchison for the text