Beatrice Graf - Philippe Ehinger:   Beat and Lip



Philippe Ehinger: Bass Clarinet, Clarinet
Béatrice Graf: Drums, Voice, Electronics
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The unusual instrumentation added to the particular use of the drums and the bass clarinet makes this band a very interesting one.The fact that we play many instruments and that we use a looper allows us to give to our music a very dense orchestral texture which makes our band quite different to others of the same type.Since this duet was created in 1995, we give the best to create a very personal music which gives us the opportunity to let our creative potential come out of us.Our music is based on a groove attitude but with quite complex rythm patterns. We like to improvise as well. The melodic aspect of our compositions is quite important too.

CD Tracks

01. Hope For Peace (Béatrice Graf)
02. Impro I (Béatrice Graf, Philippe Ehinger)
03. Fée Clochette (Béatrice Graf, Philippe Ehinger)
04. Ravi (Béatrice Graf, Philippe Ehinger)
05. Impro II (Béatrice Graf, Philippe Ehinger)
06. We'll Meet Again (Béatrice Graf, Philippe Ehinger)
07. Hyme à la Terre (Béatrice Graf, Philippe Ehinger)
08. Impro III (Béatrice Graf, Philippe Ehinger)
09. Pattern Rock (Béatrice Graf, Philippe Ehinger)
10. E la nave va (Béatrice Graf)
11. Impro IV (Béatrice Graf, Philippe Ehinger)
12. Non Sens (Philippe Ehinger)
Beat & Lip
Executive Producer:
Recorded at:
Studio Tomate, Geneva
Sound Engineer:
Bernard Sleider
Digital Mastering:
Cover Art:
Christian Guggenbühl