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IMO + SPLITTER @ Wabe, Danziger Str. 101 DE-10405 Berlin
20:00 IMO concert . 21: 30 concert​ IMO meets SPLITTER"sound painting" project conducted by/with Sabine Vögel from Splitter.

29.11.2016 JACQUIER/ PEREZ/ GRAF @ AMR Jam session
opening of the traditionnal AMR Jam session with Yohan Jacquier on sax, Evaristo Perez on piano and Béatrice Graf on drums

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With brilliance and sensitivity, Béatrice Graf combined the areas of sound experimentation — transforming them in scenes which subtly work on the relationship between sound and image — with periods of more standard music, but always surprizing us with the means of creating sounds (pans, seashells, cardboard boxes, apples, etc.). Bref was a success that delighted the public." Gyumri-Armenia 2008"

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New- York Jazz Review : Béatrice Graf - Transhumance

Béatrice Graf’s Transhumance is a two-disc anthology of free duets with John Menoud (guitar), Nicolas Maret (vibes), Reto Suhner (alto sax), Peter Schärli and Hilaria Kramer (trumpet), Lucien Dubuis (bass clarinet), Samuel Blaser (trombone) and Bruno Amstad (vocals), all recorded live and “on location” - in a field; a forest; by the waves of a beach or the waters of a fountain; in a Greek pavilion; an elegant manor; even on a mountainside. Graf’s playing is patently imaginative, at times tastefully reserved, at others fully extroverted, drawing on an array of found percussion implements. Her eclectic cast of musical character actors renders a satisfying pastiche of soundscapes and styles that holds up well over two discs.
[…](Tom Greenland)

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